Posta elettronica certificata

Posta elettronica certificata

We make open source registered and certified email solutions (in italian Posta Elettronica Certificata or PEC), we sell certified domains and certified mailboxes, we make consultancy on groupware and collaboration solutions.

EXENTRICA is composed by the development team of OpenPEC, the unique certified email open source solution that is italian law compliant.

Firma digitale

Digital signature

The digital signature has the same value of the signature made on an official paper. A digital signature placed on a file certifies the autenticity, the integrity and ownership of the document. Details...

Open source

Open source

We are confident that a system integrator could find, in open source world, all the strong, reliable, performant and safe technologies he needs. For this reason we take part in open source project and we usually use open source products in our projects. Details...

Mootools Integration

HiveMind utilises the javascript library known as mootools to power special effects such as the RokMooMenu, Tabbed Modules, RokHeadRotator, and RokZoom features. Read More
Convegno Nazionale PEC 2012
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Si apre domani il Convegno Nazionale PEC2012 dal titolo: La Posta Eletronica Certificata: opportunità e sfide per il futuro. Il convegno si terrà presso il CNR di Pisa e vedrà la presenza di Exentrica durante la tavola rotonda che si terrà nel pomeriggio. Programma e notizie utili al seguente link.


What is certified email (posta elettronica certificata)?

Certified email is a new, fast and safe communication media that inform the message sender about the effective delivery of his email. As soon as the message is delivered to the destination mailbox (or if there are delivery problems), a special delivery receipt ("ricevuta di avvenuta consegna")  is sent to the sender in order to advise him about the delivery result.
The certified email (in italian “Posta Elettronica Certificata” or PEC) is approved by Italian Government and has the same legal value of  a snail mail with return receipt  (in italian “raccomandata A/R”).  Details...


Only benefits

Solo vantaggi
  • SAFE: it uses a safe infrastructure
  • EASY: you can use it as a standard email
  • QUICK: the message delivery is istantaneous
  • CHEAP: with few money you can send and receive all the messages you want





Acquista subito una casella di posta certificata su dominio gigapec.it a soli 5 euro + IVA.
Con la tua casella di posta certificata potrai inviare email con la stessa validità delle raccomandate A/R. Compra ora...


OpenPEC è l'unica soluzione open source di posta elettronica certificata confome alla normativa vigente. Dettagli ...
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