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Who we are

Chi siamo Exentrica is composed by the OpenPEC development team. OpenPEC is the unique open source solution for certified email (in italian "Posta Elettronica Certificata" or PEC) . [ » dettagli ]

After an important experience in projecting and developing complex system for big companies and major public administrations, we decided to create our own group and work in a more creative and free way.

In Exentrica each one works in harmony with the collegues, collaborating and helping the others in order to reach the common target.

Important steps

  • January 2006: EXENTRICA  is founded by the OpenPEC development team
  • September 2006: OpenPEC 2 100% compliant to italian law) is published on source forge site
  • April 2008:  EXENTRICA joined Aruba spa group, european leading company in hosting and housing solutions


Acquista subito una casella di posta certificata su dominio gigapec.it a soli 5 euro + IVA.
Con la tua casella di posta certificata potrai inviare email con la stessa validità delle raccomandate A/R. Compra ora...


OpenPEC è l'unica soluzione open source di posta elettronica certificata confome alla normativa vigente. Dettagli ...
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