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What we do

Cosa facciamoWe think that the products are rarely the solution of a problem.In most cases it's necessary to chose a product and customize it  to get what the customer wants.

We think that system integration is the answer.

Only after an accurate  collection of the user requirements and a careful analysis of the available products, it's possible to chose the best product and create a tailored solution for our customer.

We can:
  • provide expert advice on certified email (PEC)
  • supply "key-in-hand" PEC systems
  • support the customer during the "PEC provider certification" process
  • globally manage your certified email (PEC) system
  • provide digital signature solutions
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Acquista subito una casella di posta certificata su dominio gigapec.it a soli 5 euro + IVA.
Con la tua casella di posta certificata potrai inviare email con la stessa validità delle raccomandate A/R. Compra ora...


OpenPEC è l'unica soluzione open source di posta elettronica certificata confome alla normativa vigente. Dettagli ...
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